Brezinski admits CFR, Trilateral Groups Write Policy, Manipulate Affairs, Policy & Legislation

Brzezinski admits that these non-elected, exclusively private and elite organizations that pretend to be “think tanks” actually write, manipulate and influence policy when he was asked about his relationship with such examples of these institutions like the Council on Foreign Relations, Annual Bilderberg meeting and the notorious Trilateral Commission.

Brzezinski is the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, a private group of powerful interests, mainly industry tycoons, international bankers and trans-national corporations. The Trilateral Commission lobbies for and writes policy for politicians around the world to make sure whatever decisions are made, they always benefit the interests of the ‘think tank’s members’. This circumvents “transparent” political systems such as a republic or a democracy. The whole point of a representative government like the democratic-republic of the United States is to prevent this very thing from happening…

sursa: newworldorderreport.com

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