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Van Rompuy: ”The bloc must not be seen as a new Moscow” – “Almost a lie” to say EU not democratic

Our undemocratic (not elected) President European Herman Van Rompuy know one “striking” statement after another to do: the script writers can not apparently get enough! In a visit to the Polish University of Warsaw called Van Rompuy for a strong defense against the growth of “mistrust and fear” against the European Union. The argument was: “The bloc must not be seen as a new” Moscow “, but INSTEAD, the” Fatherland or peace. “

“Sometimes in the heat of the debate, the image of ‘Brussels’ is linked to the role of ‘Moscow’ in the Cold War. One Should not accept this comparison,”

If we now the word ‘peace’ into the interpretation of the Elite, then you are out at war and the term “Fatherland” is a familiar concept for those of a recent past. In both Russia and the former Nazi Germany, the terms ‘Fatherland’ and ‘peace’ often used in propaganda. That the equation apparently made by the skeptics in the European Parliament, ‘not’ Van Rompuy is absurd. The EU has just all the features of a Communist organization.

The Eurocrats apparently feel the hot breath down their necks and do everything legitimate criticism of the slowness undemocratic institutions to distort the public so no air gets in a broad-based dislike of the current EU. Earlier, Van Rompuy a decision about the danger of Euro-skepticism.

“We have together to fight the danger of a new Euro-skepticism,” he said at the time. “Fear leads to egoism, egoism leads to nationalism, and nationalism leads to war … It is a feeling all over Europe, not of a majority, but everywhere present.”

“There is a perception thats the single market is less popular now in the Past and thats it is seen by many European with Suspicion and fear. We have to Reconcile Both the Citizens – Citizens as Consumers and as employees – and the entrepreneurs with Europe. ”

Van Rompuy’s visit to the university is part of the route that either the Prime Minister Donald Tusk goes. Tusk is very westernized. Tusk has come to power after the death of the then President Lech Kaczynski who died with a large delegation of senior politicians and military in a still mysterious plane crash. Backlight: Letter from Poland

We (the alternative media) think that Kaczynski of Poland was murdered by people who prefer not to join the EU saw. Kaczynski saw no merit in fact an overall accession to Europe. Poland is an important country because of its geopolitical position. In order to exploit this position, it is important that the right people behind Poland supports (EU, banks, America). Poland may in future expect to see a lot of money from Europe and America. For America, Poland and its neighboring countries of great strategic importance in relation to Russia. But also against the alleged threat from Iran. Still is a missile shield in Poland is still placed on the political agenda, in addition to any military bases.

As democracy was Communism gefinanceerd by the Big Boys (the leaders) and both had as its function. The start of European Union began as an undemocratic and is only in the interests of big banks and cooperatives. With the aim of becoming part of the New World Order.

Translated by Silentguardians
sursa: wearechange.org

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