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The Greek government considers selling 10 power plants

The Greek government is considering privatising 10 of the power plants of ht Greek national electric company – DEI, Greek newspaper Ta Nea reported. The government is considering selling 5-6 lignite power plants and 4-5 hydroelectric power plants. The decision will be made, as a result of the pressure for budget needs and from Brussels, which insists Greece to liberalise its electricity market. The move is similar to the one made in Italy in the beginning of 2000, when around 30% of the production capacities of Enel were sold in order to liberalise the Italian energy market. (

Inca de anul trecut noi trageam un semnal de alarma. Romania va urma dupa Grecia…

Romania Trezeste-te! Acelasi lucru ti se pregateste si tie!

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