Future EU president attends Bilderberg dinner

van-rompuyAccording to ‘De Tijd’, Belgian Prime-minister Herman Van Rompuy (Christian Democrat), who’s name is widely circulating as the first European President, attended a Bilderberg dinner at Hertoginnendal, Brussels last night.

In his speech he talked about the implementation of a green tax in Europe; a necessary measure to rebuild the economy. Apparently this news of a possible new eco-tax is rapidly spreading through the cabinets in Europe’s capitals. This might put a mortgage on Van Rompuy’s candidacy for European Presidency.

According to the article Van Rompuy was invited to give a speech at the dinner by Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon under the guarantee that the content of those meetings never leaks. A promise not quite kept.

One might wonder how the information got out on to the websites of all the mainstream Belgian newspapers today, considering that reporting in mainstream media about the Bilderberg group, and their historical relation to political candidates, has always been effectively silenced.

Then again, the authors of the article in ‘De Tijd’, who broke the story give the impression that Van Rompuy has pulled an act of bravery by making his bold statements at such dinner, rather then questioning why a Prime-minister, and possible first European President, was taking part in such a secretive private event with highly influential statesmen and captains of industry.

None of the other newspapers have the intent to pose this question either. By spinning the story, they make it seem as if Van Rompuy is bringing the Bilderberg group up to date about the fact that political leaders are developing the idea of generating a European ‘green’ source of income. While this idea of ‘green’ taxes is something that many have stated has been brewed up by elite think-tanks such as the Bilderberg group.

Its amazing to see that a highly sensitive issue like Bilderbergers, that has either been ignored or ridiculed for the past 50 years, is now being treated by the media as somewhat of a casual old men’s dining club.

More and more people would like to put that in a different perspective. As so many times in the past, the dinner that took place last night could be regarded as a fancy job interview between the leaders of a rising ‘corpocracy’, and a man who might be picked to represent what’s left of our democracy.

But after these ‘accidental’ leaks, chances are getting slim Herman Van Rompuy will be the chosen one. Besides don’t we need someone who’s more fit for TV?

De Standaard and RTL have also reported on this story.

Wim Craeye
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