Amero Could Result from Crisis: ‘The New World Order Is Upon Us’

I don’t know about you, but when I see the phrase, “New World Order” bandied about on the mainstream sites like it’s a new flavor of TicTac, I have to wonder if people know what this actually means.

The New World Order used to be something that people like me would read about in books that were never in stock in the local book store. We had to special order them. (Unless you happened to live near a book store that focused on unusual stuff.) The New World Order was talked about on radio shows that broadcast in the dead of night, after the alien guy went off the air. The New World Order was the butt of jokes: “Are you a conspiracy theorist who believes in the New World Order? HAHAHA. And Black helicopters? HAHAHA.” etc.

When I went to college, and majored in International Relations, I wasn’t expecting to hear much about this stuff. On the contrary, I encountered heaps of what ignorant people refer to as conspiracy theory as part of my coursework. Is it conspiracy theory if you have to write papers and take exams on things like the World Order Models Project, the Club of Rome, global federalism, multilateralism, economic interdependence, system transformation, the United Nations and its failed predecessor, the League of Nations? Many of the professors were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Go to see a guest speaker and it was Such-and-Another from the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The next week’s speaker, General Bob, was Assistant Deputy Director of Death and Mayhem at the Legion of Doom before becoming an adviser to the Trilateral Commission. Oh, and Kevin, by the way, can you help out at the World Economic Forum next month? The elite don’t hire people to do work there, they just ask students to do it for free. There might be some free food in it for ya’, so what do you think? It’ll look great on your CV.

Sorry, I have to joke about it now because the whole thing was incalculably dumb and such an incredible waste of time and money… Near The End (graduation), I thought, “Maybe I’ll try to get a job stamping shit in passports.” (That means working for the U.S. Foreign Service.) I went to register for the exam and the only thought in my head was, “Oh eff this.” How was I going to be able to bend my conscience enough to maintain appearances in that show if I damn near broke my liver getting the degree???

So, I saw both sides of it. I was one of the greasy “conspiracy theorist” slobs who read comic books and William Cooper. Then, I took a couple of steps down the path to a career in Elite Enabling by getting that silly degree. But looking back on my brush with the New World Order, the thing that sticks out is just how blah and bland it was at that level.

Indeed, you can be looking right at a factory for globalist zombies and not even know it. Look no further than your closest large university with an International Relations program. What you’ll see there are a bunch of people wearing sensible shoes and reading the New York Times and Foreign Affairs. Many of them will drive Volvos and have subscriptions to National Public Radio. There will be an occasional person in a military uniform. The scene will not look too weird at all. But spend a few years in that environment and then tell me that there’s no such thing as a New World Order.

Actually, never mind, tell it to MarketWatch (Part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network).

Via: MarketWatch:

Thomas Jefferson once said: “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” As the global financial system pushes on a string, investors are desperately trying to hold tight.

The New World Order is upon us, full of hope, promise and a fair amount of fear. In our recent discussion regarding the direction of our country, we noted the risks of catering to conventional wisdom and the implications for the U.S. dollar.

The Minyanville mantra is to provide financial news you need to know before you know you need it. That’s a fine line to walk, as foresight often flies in the face of mainstream acceptance.

In 2006, it seemed counterintuitive to forecast a “prolonged socioeconomic malaise entirely more depressing than a recession.”

For years, the notion of an “invisible hand” was conspiracy theory until we learned that the Working Group on Financial Markets was a central policy tool. And now, as we gaze across our historically significant horizon, we must open our minds to thoughts and ideas that may seem foreign to folks conditioned by the past and stunned by the present.

Currency crossroads

As governments take on more risk — as they price assets on behalf of the market and transfer debt from private to public — the common denominator, or release valve, becomes the currency.

If our economic condition is allowed to take medicine in the form of debt destruction, the greenback will appreciate, and asset classes as a whole will deflate. If we continue to inject drugs that mask symptoms rather than address the disease, the likelihood of a seismic readjustment increases in kind.

The deflationary forces in the marketplace are pervasive, and the “other side” of our current equation, hyperinflation, may be years away. Given the magnitude, breadth and pace of the global financial epidemic, however, we must explore each side of the twisted ride.

Years ago, the Federal Reserve wrote a “solution paper” regarding the need to combat zero-bound interest rates. The concern was the flight of capital from the U.S. and an option discussed was a two-tiered currency, one for U.S citizens and one for foreigners.

Canadian economist Herbert Grubel first introduced a potential manifestation of this concept in 1999. The North American Currency — called the “Amero” in select circles — would effectively comingle the Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar and Mexican peso.

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