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Who is paying for the Libyan conflict? YOU are!

Interesting. 8,400 missions at 50,000 per aircraft per hour would provide a tidy sum of one billion, six hundred and eighty million USD, plus munitions, plus overheads. Wow! And the citizens of the UK are to see a massive hike in their energy bills. Amid more NATO terrorist strikes against Libya comes the question: Where is this going?

It would be interesting to pose that question to the Prime Minister or the Foreign Secretary, along with a request for confirmation of the price tag and a statement as to exactly how much it is costing the taxpayer. Was Libya a threat? No. Then we had no authority attacking it or involving in an internal conflict.

Was the Libyan Government attacking civilians? No, the entire war was justified as usual by lies, manipulations and false flag events and by now everyone knows the “rebels” are not unarmed civilians but armed terrorists who committed massacres of pro-Government forces and committed acts of terrorism against Government and private property. See the photos.

People were hacked to pieces, children were dismembered and little girls were raped. The evidence appears and disappears from the Net as hacking and suppression policies are launched and the few videos that are embedded in sources hosted in countries whose systems are less vulnerable are mostly in Arabic and therefore more difficult to have an impact.

NATO has lost any thread of credibility in this illegal act of intrusion into a sovereign nation whose leader, Colonel Gaddafy, was earmarked to receive a UN humanitarian prize for his excellent work inside the African Union and in Libya. Enter a handful of terrorists (Benghazi provided a record number of suicide bombers in Iraq and the rebels are led by an ex-Al-Qaeda operative, Hasidi), a tsunami of manipulation and lies by a pro-NATO media and the gullible public swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Today, Tuesday, a wave of terrorist attacks launched by NATO in Tripoli destroyed infrastructures (who is going to pay for this criminal damage?) occasioning the murder of more people (who is going to be held responsible for these murders? Who is going to answer for the murder of Colonel Gaddafy’s grandchildren?)

Eye witnesses claim that the terrorist strikes continue near the compound used by Muammar al-Qathafi, meaning that NATO proceeds in its illegal attempt to murder him. Illegal, because this is not imposing a no-fly zone to protect civilians and illegal because it this is not an act of war, attempts at murder do not come under actions pertaining to military operations.

It is patently apparent by now that NATO is becoming more and more desperate in its attempt to oust Colonel Gaddafy, as if this would resolve Libya’s problems. It would be the beginning of a civil war, it would hand Libya ostensibly to the terrorists and lo and behold we would have an Islamist fundamentalist state, a failed state, and another Somalia, on the doorstep of Europe.

NATO would do well to allow the diplomatic initiative of Russia and China mediating a political resolution to the crisis, which is only what the Libyan Government was trying to do when its forces were attacked and when marauding gangs of terrorists went on the rampage. That is when NATO stepped in because their little darlings were losing the conflict.

Apart for being guilty of war crimes, the British people might also ask their Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary why they are paying for an illegal imperialist adventure and why indeed, if their government has so many billions to squander, are their public services being slashed so savagely and why their energy bills are set to soar. Some might ask them what it feels like being a war criminal and how they can live with themselves having the blood of children on their hands. Do they hear the screams every night?

Oh and how do the citizens of the United States of America feel about their President siding with Islamist terrorists whose leader they arrested for fighting with Al-Qaeda and many of whose forces fought and killed American boys in Iraq and Afghanistan, and paying for what is after all a European war?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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