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Who Are We?

The US Ambassador to Israel stated Sunday on CNN that the US stands as the only model for democracy and freedom for the emerging Mid-Eastern nations undergoing the Arab Spring. This, of course, was in the same breath he used to deny Palestine the right to acknowledged statehood in the UN. If America is the only model for such freedom, let us then project upon a new Mid-East what this would mean. To model themselves upon us, if we truly wish to exercise some national self-insight, would mean implementing the following eight-step formula:

-Tax the struggling middle class out of existence while continuing to kowtow to the rich, special interest groups, and transnational corporations that line the pockets of politicians with the fruits of their greed and apathy towards the Earth.

-When cuts are needed in government spending, accelerate what is spent on your national war machine, and put your children’s education, assistance to the poor, and elderly benefits on the cutting block.

-Continue to rape and pillage the land for resources burned up faster than flames on kerosene-soaked tissue, and when you’ve used all of your own up, invade other countries for their resources under the pretense of false fears, ignorance, and propaganda.

-Take away the rights of the people to gather and dissent peacefully, set up a massive police state and surveillance apparatus to monitor all, and teach the people to monitor and report on each other if they see anything ambiguously “suspicious.”

-Make sure that your mass media is flooded with worthless coverage about celebrities, sports, and fear-based stories so that your population won’t be informed and educated on real issues, but put to sleep by the smoke and mirrors, bread and circus of entertainment corporations owned by the same companies that lobby and leash our leaders.

-Militarize your police and give them every empty excuse to invade the populace’s privacy under the pretense of “safety.” Attach unrealistic fines to minor violations so that more revenue can be generated for the state and more economic self-determination taken from the masses.

-Condition the children for future serfdom by taking away a student’s right to self-defense in schools, teaching them that all violence and physical resistance to force is wrong regardless of whether you are the criminal aggressor or innocent defender.

-Lastly, enforce invasive groping upon an individual’s body by government thugs as a prerequisite for utilizing air transportation or going to a sporting event.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Trouble is, this isn’t the formula for America that I was taught growing up. It is rather, the formula of Orwell’s Oceana.