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Media Openly Admits Foreign Special Forces Behind Overthrow of Gaddafi

Now that NATO is within reach of overthrowing Gaddafi, the corporate media is rife with reports that al-Qaeda, tribal warlords, and disenfranchised former Gaddafi bureaucrats had plenty of help from the U.S., Britain, and NATO in the “Arab Spring” operation to install a government amenable to the globalists.

“Special forces troops from Britain, France, Jordan and Qatar on the ground in Libya have stepped up operations in Tripoli and other cities in recent days to help rebel forces as they conducted their final advance on the Gaddafi regime,” a NATO official told CNNtoday.

* British forces, in particular, have assisted rebel units by “helping them get better organized to conduct operations,” the official said. Some of these forces from all the countries have traveled with rebel units from towns across Libya as they advanced on Tripoli.

* The official declined to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the intelligence information.

* Overall, the special forces have helped rebels “improve their tactics,” the official said.

* The forces have also provided targeting information to warplanes conducting airstrikes and conducting reconnaissance missions in Tripoli, he said. This has been especially critical in recent days in the capital, as fighters from both sides have mixed together in close range. The forces have also assisted rebels in communications as they conducted the assault on the capital.

* Qatari and French forces also have provided some armaments, the official said.

In March, we covered a report from Pakistan revealing the participation of U.S. Special Forces in Libya. The report was published by the Pakistan Observer and it revealed three foreign states had placed special forces in Cyrenaica, the eastern coastal region of Libya.

“A Libyan official who requested not to be identified said that the U.S. and British military gurus were sent on February 23 and 24 night through American and French warships and small naval boats off Libyan ports of Benghazi and Tobruk,” wrote Akhtar Jamal.

Following the arrival of foreign troops, Al Jazeera reported “that an unnamed rebel source related how he had undergone training in military techniques at a ‘secret facility’ in eastern Libya.”

In June, despite denials by British PM David Cameron, ex-SAS troops were photographed with rebels in Libya. “Blending in with the insurgents in sand-colored clothes, peaked caps, shades and linen scarves, they are the UK’s unofficial boots on the ground,” the UK Mirror reported. “Highly trained with front line experience round the world, the crack unit has been in the country for the past four weeks.”

From the outset of the engineered coup against Gaddafi, the corporate media admitted the rebels are disorganized and not arranged along military lines. “Although the rebel forces are showing signs of improved organization, they are not formed into units, and coordination is rudimentary at best,” USA Today reported on March 11.

Asked whom he takes orders from, rebel Assam Mahmoud, 25, said, “Allah.”

Independent journalist claims CNN made threats if al-Qaeda is mentioned in news reports.

Allah and NATO with the assistance of crack special forces troops from the U.S., France, and the United Kingdom.

It is more obvious with every passing day that the so-called “rebels,” comprised in large part of al-Qaeda remnants from a campaign directed against the U.S. occupation of Iraq, are merely a front for corporate media cameras and interviews.

Special forces are doing the real fighting in Libya with air support from NATO. Under such military pressure, it is only a matter of time before Libya falls and becomes another poverty-wracked third world outpost, profits from its only viable natural asset – oil – siphoned off to Wall Street and the City of London.

Like the “wars” in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, the conflict in Libya is designed to last for a generation or more. After Gaddafi, warns Bayless Parsley of Stratfor, the country may experience a civil war between competing rebel factions.

“What is critical to the future of Libya is how the rebel forces are able to reconcile their various differences in terms of coming to some sort of agreement over how they’re going to share both political authority as well as all the economic rewards they expect to get,” Parsley told the CBC.

A previous globalist operation in Afghanistan produced similar results. Following the CIA-orchestrated war against the Soviet occupation of that country, the Taliban engaged in a blood civil war that killed tens of thousands of innocent Afghans.

Globalists have long pursued a divide and conquer strategy that results in endless violence and balkanization.

For instance, in 2007, Edward P. Joseph of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, devised a plan to divide Iraq into Sunni, Shia, and Kurdish sectors. The plan did not come to fruition, however. Instead the country is habitually rocked by violence between shadowy terrorist groups, somelinked to American intelligence.

In the 1990s, former Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI Ted Gunderson said the CIA is the world’s most prolific manufacturer of terrorism. It created al-Qaeda and collaborated with British and Pakistani intelligence to establish what is now a global jihadist front that magically appears when Arabs like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein start talking about pan-Arabism and the unforgivable sin of deciding how to use their own natural resources.

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