Marines Train “Civilians” to Accept Coming Martial Law

landingCaption: U.S. Marines participate in a practice raid on Flushing Meadows Park with a CH-46 helicopter to demonstrate for civilians the tactics the U.S. Marine Corps uses while raiding an area in enemy territory, May 25, 2009. The Marines are assigned to the 6th Marine Regiment’s 2nd Battalion. The demonstration was part of Fleet Week 2009 activities. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Carl Payne.

exerciseOn May 23, the Staten Island Real-Time News reported on “mock raids at the public park to give civilians a feel for how soldiers operate in battle.”

Or maybe that should be “mock raids” to give civilians a taste of things to come and, of course, get them acclimated to the presence of uniformed and armed soldiers in their midst.

It is interesting the Marines characterized Flushing Meadows Park as “enemy territory.” In fact, according to our rulers and their military functionaries, the entire United States is “enemy territory” in need of martial law.

World Bank head honcho and globalist Robert Zoellick said as much last week when he warned that the banker contrived “stimulus” will not stem rising unemployment and forestall “political unrest across the globe.” Increasing poverty and the coming fire sale of corporations and infrastructure here in the former land of the free and brave will be a “political combustible issue,” according to Zoellick and the World Bank loan sharking operation.

It’s a combustion that will need to be dealt with — and that’s why the Marines are landing CH-46 helicopters in public spaces.

sursa: infowars.com

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