G20 Meet To Finalize Dumping Of Dollar?

bilderbergResearcher and author Daniel Estulin, best known for his exposé of the ultra secretive Bilderberg Group, says inside sources have informed him that the core focus of the G20 meeting this weekend will be to discuss ditching the Dollar and implementing a global centralized monetary system.

A press release detailing Estulin’s statements says that G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland, will debate actions to sink the U.S. Dollar, thereby crashing the present world financial system.

The instability and chaos resulting out of such a breakdown would act as a pretext to launch a consolidating new economic world order.

“Estulin says that the success or failure of this callous plan hinges on the ability of the US and UK representatives to convince the Russian, the Chinese and other national governments to go along with their scheme.” The release states.

Estulin first reported on this agenda at this year’s Bilderberg conference held in Greece back in May. According to the author, the elite group has termed the move “demand destruction”.

The Bilderberg Group meeting is an annual confab of around 150 of the world’s most influential powerbrokers in government, industry, banking, media, academia and the military-industrial complex. The secretive group operates under “Chatham House rules,” meaning that no details of what is discussed can ever be leaked to the media, despite editors of the world’s biggest newspapers, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Financial Times, being present at the meeting.

Insiders at the meeting told Estulin that Bilderberg was divided on whether to put into motion, “Either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty … or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.”

According to the researcher, some Bilderberg insiders fear that the fallout from the chaos of a major crash could ultimately result in a loss of control over the world.

Estulin believes this weekend’s G20 meeting, being held on the site of the 1998 Bilderberg conference, will be used to finalize this deliberation.

The motivation for collapsing the US dollar would be to initiate a chain reaction shift away from the nation-state structure of the global economy toward the creation of a “World Company”, Estulin maintains.

This has been a longtime agenda of the corporate and political kingpins that make up the Bilderberg organisation, elites who would profit from replacing the authority of national sovereignty with a ruling corporation like order, headed by international bankers and financiers.

Estulin was also informed by Bilderberg sources back in May that a false notion of recovery would be proffered in order to draw back investment into the system before finally pulling the plug, leaving the world in financial hardship too destructive to recover from without radical action.

Estulin’s sources have been proven highly accurate in the past. The researcher correctly predicted the housing crash and the 2008 financial meltdown as a result of what his Bilderberg sources told him they had discussed at their 2006 meeting in Canada and the 2007 conference in Turkey.

Debunkers have denounced Bilderberg as nothing more than a talking shop or golfing retreat for the elite, however, the group’s track record for hosting future Presidents and Prime Ministers long before they have become recognizable names in politics speaks for itself.

Indeed, earlier this year, Belgian viscount and current Bilderberg-chairman Étienne Davignon bragged that Bilderberg helped create the Euro by first introducing the policy agenda for a single currency in the early 1990’s. Bilderberg’s agenda for a European federal superstate and a single currency likely goes back even further. A BBC investigation uncovered documents from the early Bilderberg meetings which confirmed that the European Union was a brainchild of Bilderberg.

Estulin’s sources also informed him in May that Bilderberg would again attempt to push for the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty, a key centerpiece of the agenda to fully entrench a federal EU superstate, by forcing the Irish to vote again on the document in September/October. Following an Irish yes vote last month the Treaty now looks set to be enacted imminently.

Steve Watson

sursa: Infowars.net