Facebook Censors User For Promoting The Obama Deception

110309deception7On Thursday, March 12, 2009 Alex Jones released his new documentary The Obama Deception. That same day I opted to assist in spreading the message, so I began circulating a YouTube link to The Obama Deception to the majority of my friends on Facebook—a great way to share information quickly and efficiently. I’ve been disseminating political information—on various topics from vaccination and other health related material to geopolitics, etc.—on Facebook for a few years now. Sadly, the sharing of information has been halted—for now!

First, Facebook sent a warning that my account would be disabled and “may” be blocked from posting links. Why? Apparently for linking The Obama Deception to people on my friends list. Not only did they threaten my account, but the administrators also erased all the content on my “Wall.” Perhaps my having some of the leaders of the 9/11 truth movement, as well as notable politicians, writers, healthcare providers, etc. in my friends list was a problem in the eyes of Facebook Administrators? Many have been guests on the Alex Jones Show—including my brother, Dallas Hansen, who is an opinion-editorial columnist. After all, I was posting “The Obama Deception” to all of them.

Since research is essential to understanding the complexity of contemporary historical events, speaking the truth is something we must all do. Reading alternative news sources, mainstream media sources, peer-reviewed literature, and historical texts, enables us to make informed decisions. This knowledge can then be brought to the attention of local leaders and politicians in an attempt to make change. One problem is that many people prefer not to discuss politics or history. But this is one of our civil duties as citizens—and it’s not just for professionals, but everyone in society. It is no different than having to perform Jury Duty. There is a moral and spiritual obligation to seek and speak the truth, to protect the liberties that have been afforded to us.

If that wasn’t enough, I logged in on Friday March 13 to look at a few things. Knowing I was banned from posting links I tried to post an article on the page of a friend/colleague. The article came from www.naturalnews.com regarding a company named Baxter, associated with Bayer, which sent flu vaccines tainted with active bird flu (H5N1) to 18 different countries (http://www.naturalnews.com/025760.html). It was an independent Microbiology Lab in Canada that blew the whistle. A message appeared that stated I was blocked from posting links, and the next thing I knew my account was disabled.

That my account was disabled is no big deal—meeting people in person to talk about the issues is much more gratifying; civility is vital when trying to discuss controversial topics. Moreover, it’s just as easy to create a new account or join a new social networking site altogether. But the point is, even in a virtual realm, our liberties of free speech are, with every account deletion, being removed.

On one level, Facebook provided a means to get information to people in a quick and timely manner while allowing me to stay in touch with others interested in the Infowar movement. Many have praised me for putting up the information; they enjoy reading it and watching the video links. Many are already in the know, but still recognize the importance of having everyone put this information out

My particular example of Facebook censorship is miniscule in the larger scheme of things, but nonetheless it displays yet another attack by Big Brother upon our freedom of speech and freedom of information.

Spread the word on whatever social networking sites you use. Post on the blogs. Get out into the community and talk with people. Talk with your neighbors. Perform local seminars to present the information. Drop DVD bombs of all the latest documentaries. Ask questions and demand answers from your local government. Do not let up! Humanity and our spiritual consciousness will prevail.

In health and in truth!

Dr. Casey Smith

sursa:  http://www.prisonplanet.com

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