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  • Israelul de astazi este unul superficial, el nu a implinit nici o profetie, el este o mare minciuna. Biblia spune ca trebuie sa se nasca un Rege, un mesia si ca acesta va fi in fruntea lor, intai mergatorul, el este primul rod, cortul lui David. Deci vorbim de monarhie si nu de ceea ce este la ora actuala.
    Atunci cum a avut loc restabilirea lui Israel daca nu s-a nascut IMPARATUL mai intai?
    Cortul lui David nu a fost ridicat inca.
    Regele(profeticul BENIAMIN) adevaratului Israel, trebuie sa se nasca in Romania(Bethleem), el va merge inaintea lor si abia atunci se va implini cu adevarat profetia.

    ”Cel ce va face spartura se va sui inaintea lor; vor face spartura, vor trece pe poarta si vor iesi pe ea; IMPARATUL lor va merge inaintea lor, si Domnul va fi in fruntea lor.” – Mica 2:13

  • This is a comment to the above comment only: I do not know who wrote that comment, but it is filled with historical/biblical errors. The prophecy in Micah 2:13 does not necessarily speak about the State of Israel as a country. It does speak about the eschatological Israelite remnant that the Lord will bring together in the restoration of the last days! These verses may refer to the captivity of Israel and Judah. But the passage is also a prophecy of the conversion and restoration of the Jews (last remnant) to Christ. This may apply to those human agents that shall facilitate and order their return. And Jehovah being at their head, may refer to their final restoration, when the Jesus Christ shall become their leader, Jehovah-Messiah, who breaks through every obstacle in the way of their restoration: not as formerly breaking forth to destroy them for transgression (Ex 19:22,Jdg 21:15), but breaking a way for them through their enemies.
    “they”-—the returning Israelites and Jews.
    “passed through the gate”-—that is, through the gate of the foe’s city in which they had been captives. So the image of the resurrection (Ho 13:14) represents Israel’s restoration.
    “their king”-—”the Breaker,” peculiarly “their king” (Ho 3:5,Mt 27:37).
    “pass before them”-—as He did when they went up out of Egypt (Ex 13:21,De 1:30,33).
    “the Lord on the head of them”-—Jehovah at their head (Isa 52:12). Messiah, the second person, is meant (compare Ex 23:20,33:14,Isa 63:9).

    By the way, since when Romania is Betleem! LOL Si de unde a fost scoasa idea ca “profeticul BENIAMIN” se va naste in Romania? LOL LOL LOL Talking aboiut eisegesis LOL :(

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