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Libya Destined to Become Failed State in Wake of Globalist Success

Now that NATO has bunker busted the Gaddafi regime into submission, it is time for Libya to enter the next phase – order out of chaos.

Like Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya will be fashioned into a failed state wracked by sectarian violence, food and basic necessity shortages, and endless political instability.

Tripoli has become Baghdad: “Food and gasoline are in short supply. Tripoli residents complain of outages of electricity, telephone service and water. Commercial life has ground to a dramatic halt, with nearly all shops and businesses shuttered. As residents broke the Ramadan fast Friday evening, much of the city was dark,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Like Iraq following the American invasion, Libya is now on the verge of societal breakdown as gangs loot and pillage:

Although young men protect their own neighborhoods, major institutions such as banks, ministries and historic sites remain relatively unprotected. A number of banks and commercial towers have been thoroughly looted. Law enforcement is left in the hands of rebel fighters, some of whom had never been to their country’s capital.

In response to the carnage in Iraq, General Anthony Zinni observed: “There’s some bloodshed and it’s messy. Who cares? I mean we’ve taken out Saddam. We’ve asserted our strength in the Middle East. We’ve changed the dynamic, and we’re not putting any pressure on Israel.”

Neocons and their affinity for violent Arab and Muslim-hating Israeli settlers is only a sideshow for the central dynamic – the clash of civilizations as defined by the elite and the plan to take out anybody who challenges their drive for global domination.

It is not “Islamofascism” – engineered and fostered by British intelligence, the CIA, and their junior partners – that threatens the financial elite. It is religious societies that swear allegiance to Allah and reject the bankster ethic of globalism and world government.

The “Arab Spring” has nothing to do with human rights or the will of the people as hypocritically proclaimed by the likes of Hillary Clinton at the State Department. It’s about establishing a new authoritarian order in the Middle East. The bloody opposition to Mubarak in Egypt led to a dictatorship ruled by an entrenched military.

Libya will soon have its own dictatorship – with the active involvement of al-Qaeda – and the status quo of want and misery will return to the north African country.

The overthrow of the regime in Syria will not result in democracy. It will produce the sort of chaos previously witnessed in Iraq and now unfolding in Libya.

Capturing Libya’s marginal oil reservoir takes a backseat to smashing Gaddafi’s version of pan-Arabism. Gaddafi’s Federation of Arab Republics and the Arab Islamic Republic failed, but he kept alive the ideal of Arab nationalism formulated by Gamal Abdel Nasser. Syria’s Ba’ath Party also espouses Arab nationalism and is therefore a threat to the globalists.

While Gaddafi’s socialism was authoritarian, it did provide health care and a modern civilian infrastructure. Prior to Gaddafi, Libya was a typical African basket case where typhoid and paratyphoid, infectious hepatitis, leishmaniasis, rabies, meningitis, schistosomiasis, venereal diseases, and the principal childhood ailments were epidemic. Like Iraq, it will now experience a return to its previous third world status where malnutrition and starvation are the norm.

Before Bush Senior tricked Saddam Hussein into invading his country’s former southern province, Iraq had 92-per-cent access to clean water, 93-per-cent access to high quality health care and with high educational and nutritional standards. After two invasions and more than a decade of sanctions, Iraq experienced an unprecedented rise in the mortality rate among young children comparable with those of sub-Saharan Africa.

Libya and Syria will also be reduced to failed states unable to meet the basic needs of their people and will thus become candidates for IMF and World Banksterism loan sharking.

Globalism cannot succeed when people are united and struggle for sovereignty and dignity. The success of Libya’s “rebels” – comprised largely of the CIA’s al-Qaeda – will now translate into misery for the Libya people.

In the months ahead, they will wish for the rule of the flamboyant and eccentric Gaddafi the same way many Iraqis wish for a return of Saddam Hussein.

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