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Americanii despre Rosia Montana. Adevaruri care daca nu se spun acum, maine va fi prea tarziu

Essay regarding the mining project with cyanide and open-pit at Rosia Montana Romania

Honduras – In March 2001, Seventy-five people representing 15 communities located adjacent to 8 mines attended a meeting in Honduras to launch a national anti-mining campaign called “Honduras Is Worth More Than Gold.” The meeting took place on March 9 and put forward several goals, including the prohibition of the use of cyanide in mining operations, the prohibition the expropriation of campesino and indigenous lands, and the strengthening of mining and environmental laws.

In January, 2005 in response to mining threats, Alaskan Village and Traditional Councils as well as Village Corporations began to pass strong resolutions in opposition to mines that they believe are a) environmentally unsound b) foreign owned c) in conflict with their desired future vision for their communities and d) a threat to their traditional lifeways.

Montana – a 1998 citizen’s initiative passed that banned open-pit cyanide leaching in gold and silver mining at new mines and mine expansions.

Colorado – five counties have banned cyanide heap leach mining. In January 27, 2004, Commissioners in Summit County voted for the ban to protect the future public health and safety from the controversial mining process and chemicals.

Turkey – In 1997 the Turkish Council of State decided not to allow gold production through cyanide leaching, on the basis of article 56 of the Turkish Constitution which guarantees the right of people to live in a healthy environment (nr. 1996/5348, decision nr. 1997/2311).

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